Just Smudges: Borders

Hello Smudgers!

I’m guest posting again this week! In honor of towanderlost heading to college and my own upcoming move out of state, I decided to stick with the theme of transitions and the moments inbetween. Then of course I found other pretty things, got distracted, and decided to share an eclectic mix of prompts instead. Still, hopefully you find them as inspiring as I did.

– Maddi

Rules (or suggestions for you rebels)

1. Read, admire, and listen to the inspiration I have provided below.

2. Be inspired.

3. Create something. If you’re a writer, write. If you’re a painter, paint. Feel free to interpret the prompts however you wish.

4. Pass on the inspiration. Share what you created on your blog and link back to today’s post in the comments.

Everyday Inspiration

Source: jayceebb // Tumblr
Source: jayceebb // Tumblr

I love borders. August is the border between summer and autumn; it is the most beautiful month I know. Twilight is the border between day and night, and the shore is the border between sea and land. The border is longing; when both have fallen in love but still haven’t said anything. The border is to be on the way. It is the way that is the most important thing.
– Tove Jansson, “Moominvalley in November”


Song of the week. // Acoustic #3 by The Goo Goo Dolls // Find it on YouTube here.

…we eat each other’s words, hearts, what’s the difference?

– Margaret Atwood, from Selected Poems II: 1976-1986

Source: inivyandtwine // Tumblr
Source: inivyandtwine // Tumblr

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