Not all those who wander are lost… ~ J.R.R. Tolkien


Roaming unaware is kind of my thing. There’s a name for it, of course. It’s called wandering. By definition it means traveling aimlessly from place to place, but I’m not without purpose. I just find it along the way.

Currently, I’m college student located somewhere in the rolling hills of Kentucky. I’m not from here. It’s just a stop along my adventure towards a double major in journalism and social justice. But I have to admit, the scenery is pretty spectacular.

I discovered writing sitting in a basement corner surrounded by shreds of paper and glue sticks. I was seven, maybe. I also loved cats. Not surprisingly, my cardboard and construction paper books were about superhero cats and villainous mice. Please note the past tense about the cats.

My writing drastically developed beyond a childish pastime when I met maddilou who pops in time to time to help me with our inspiration project, Just Smudges. Now writing is a thought process, an escape, and an illustration. It’s a way to roam farther than I ever thought possible while staying perfectly cozy with a cup of chai tea. I still explore, but my adventures are more about documentation and living in the moment. It’s a way to get out of my head.

Which, I guess, is something that we are all trying to do.


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